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Where talent meets

Primary patron of the Orchestre de Paris and honorary member of the Circle, EUROGROUP CONSULTING began its musical adventure in 2006 and plans to continue it until at least 2013!

“What could be better than an orchestra with such different instruments and such varied scores, playing a piece, to show what we want to be? Respect for individuals and the strength of the group, that’s what makes us different and gives us such power.”



Our partnership with the Orchestre de Paris celebrates a meeting of two worlds, culture and business:


Through concerts and general rehearsals of the Orchestre de Paris which have become highly anticipated events for both our clients and our consultants


Through the audio identity of EUROGROUP CONSULTING created by the Orchestre de Paris, and more specifically some fifty musicians who recorded a piece specially composed for us in a studio far from their usual home in the Salle Pleyel!


“Exceptional individual talents, put to work serving an original, ambitious yet modest group project, open on the world and seeking new adventures… Is this EUROGROUP CONSULTING or the Orchestre de Paris?

Both, I think, and it’s on this shared vision of the world that this long-term, original and lively partnership is based. It has united the teams of EUROGROUP CONSULTING and the artists and administrative personnel of the Orchestre de Paris for the past five years.

Faithful to the unique flavour of its approach, EUROGROUP CONSULTING wasn’t initially interested associating its image with the music itself, but with those who make the music: with the musicians and the necessary and delicate combination of the qualities of each to attain excellence at concert time.”

Bruno Hamard, Director General of the Orchestre de Paris

 Notre identité sonore

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