Opening our minds, sharing our opportunities, helping others and putting our thoughts and words into action

Working with public-interest voluntary organizations, we have been providing skills sponsorship for nearly 15 years through our Eurogroup Autrement organization. Since 2014, we have extended this effort via different structures, like Pro Bono Lab and Yump. We also launch specific sponsorship programmes: in 2015, we were an associate partner of Solutions COP21.
Because we believe in cooperation between the worlds of consulting and the arts, we have been the Principal Patron of the Orchestre de Paris since 2006. Also, we were the first business in France to welcome young visual artists-in-residence in 2008. Their works have made a lasting impression at the Tour Vista.

Finally, since spring 2014, we have been accommodating 150,000 bees in our 3 corporate hives. The initiative may be symbolic, but it serves a purpose and we enjoy it.

We have been part of the United Nations Global Compact since 2004. Joining the Global Compact means promoting its 10 principles. The initiative was launched in 1999 by Kofi Annan, Secretary-General of the UN, with a view to increasing the responsibility and social awareness of companies so they help to find solutions for the problems raised by globalisation. Where we are concerned, the main effect of the commitment is certainly related to leverage.